Meet Erin

I’ve had a passion for cooking since I started watching cooking shows at twelve. The first time I cooked for my family, I felt a joy and happiness that I knew I wanted to pursue.


I worked in food service the majority of my life, starting at Dairy Queen. I then moved to Phoenix to attend Scottsdale culinary institute.  Once I enrolled, I attended class Tuesday and Thursday nights and one Saturday morning a week while working two jobs!  Eventually, school started broadening my palate and I discovered that I loved baking… It focused my mind to be creative. I did an externship at Olive and Ivy’s baking section for three months, working under a world renowned baker who was a french classically trained chef and I loved everything about it but really wanted to cook. When I moved to Colorado in 2007, I started working at a family owned amazing Italian restaurant and was able to branch out and learn so much from the chef. I made the desserts until they closed in 2010 and it was then that I decided cooking wasn’t for me to pursue, because I loved baking more than cooking.

I then moved to Phoenix and tried to start an independent baking endeavour with a coffee company but was unable to get it off the ground since they were too small of a company with a tight budget. When I moved back to Montana, I pursued my love for baking with Montana Coffee Traders, pushing the envelope of my experience. I learned so many new and exciting things with them, but left to enjoy my new job as a first time mama.


Now I’m ready to share my talent and be able to enjoy being a mom as well as my passion for baking.

I love baking because I’m a perfectionist and I love creating edible artwork for people to enjoy!